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Vegan Treats
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Anyone who is anyone in the vegan community knows Vegan Treats! The keepers of some of the most incredible vegan sweets you’ll ever see, touch, and taste, Vegan Treats set and holds the bar for what’s possible in the sugary land of indulgence.

Cupcakes, doughnuts, cakes, ice cream, cannolis, tarts, pudding, mousse, you name it, they’ve veganized it along with an incredible 50’s style elegance to boot! With accolades from the likes of Alicia Silvertone, Daryl Hannah, Joan Jett, and Rory Freedman, Vegan Treats has got it goin’ on.

We’re honored to welcome some of Vegan Treats tastiest sweets at the party. Save room, you’re not going to want to miss out on possibly the best sweets of your life!

Vegan Treats

From Vegan Treats’ website:

We all know that healthy and compassionate eating is all about sacrifice.


Vegan Treats founder Danielle Konya blew that dessert fallacy out of the water long ago with the creation of her first Chocolate Peanut Butter Bomb cake.

As an ethical vegan with a “do it yourself” ethic that is only rivaled by her sweet tooth, Danielle set out to make a vegan cake that didn’t just taste good, but actually tasted better than any other cake, vegan or otherwise.

She succeeded.

For the last ten plus years, her desserts have won the hearts of pretty much everyone with functioning taste buds. In fact, the very lucky residents of NYC, Washington DC, Baltimore and Philadelphia anxiously await her deliveries at area restaurants and cafes each week. (People have been known to plan their days around the arrival of her doughnuts. Taste one and you’ll see why.)

And, while her desserts have earned her a PETA Proggy Award for Best Bakery and a coveted Guest Chef spot at Google, perhaps most telling is an award she won in PBS’s Feast of Sweets. Here, she not only won Best Overall, but did so competing against over fifty non-vegan bakers. Take that, dairy!

Even those skinny celebrity types love her treats. She’s baked for Alicia Silverstone, Daryl Hannah, Joan Jett, Rory Freedman, and even Presidential Candidate, Dennis Kucinich.

Yet, despite all the accolades, Danielle’s main motivation lies not in accumulating awards, but in helping the other animals that inhabit our Earth.

Clearly, there’s nothing appetizing about the needless suffering of ten billion animals a year for their flesh, milk and eggs. And there’s really nothing tasty about aiding in the destruction of our environment for a cupcake. After all, the more one learns about the milk and egg industry, the more sickeningly un-sweet desserts made with them become.

Vegan Treats goes the cruelty-free route and satisfies both the palate and the conscience, inextricably linking the business of dessert with the ethics of caring about animals. After all, how many other bakers actively support animal advocacy groups like Farm Sanctuary, The American Anti-Vivisection Society and the Humane Society of the United States? And how many other bakers carefully choose their ingredients with taste and the well being of the earth and animals in mind?

Baking as Activism? Who would’ve thunk it? Yet, in a small but meaningful way, with each bite, Danielle’s Vegan Treats help create a more compassionate world.

Luckily for us, compassion has never tasted so delicious.