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LuliTonix is a RAW blended greens, elixirs, and cleanse company offering craveworthy, leafy green-packed, blended insanity to New Yorkers since 2012. We whole-heartedly believe in the life-altering benefits of consuming copious amounts of leafy greens, and so have created a line of raw blends that combine crazy amounts of organic green goodness with flavor fit-for-foodies.

We blend our ingredients, utilizing the whole food, making use of all the precious fiber that would be discarded by pressing. Our bodies require fiber to regulate digestion, rid us of toxins and other nasty troublemakers, and keep us healthy, energized and glowing. Using the whole food helps us to create our satiating blends that are uncompromisingly badass, yet balanced, nuanced and the ultimate in YUM.

Cleansing. Nourishing. Addictive. That’s what we’re all about!