Jay Kitchen
Jay Kitchen
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It was September 2011 when Kristin first heard about a young, motivated, vegan chef on Long Island who was doing astonishing things with Italian food. That also happened to be the same month that she set out on a little cross country adventure. Six months later Kristin found herself sitting down at a red checkered covered table, for lunch at Jay’s family pizzeria, where she enjoyed some of the best mozzarella sticks and pizza her Italian taste buds could have ever imagined.

Since then Kristin and Jay remained in touch and have recently teamed up to bring you some of the best food, featuring cuisine from Kristin’s travels around the country.

Keep a look out for Jay, he’s goin’ places for sure! Since graduating from the Natural Gourmet Institute he has begun development on his own NYC-based vegan restaurant – Jay Kitchen, set to open fall 2013. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see him on The Food Network sometime soon as well. I mean, look at that hair – it was meant for show biz!