About Kristin Lajeunesse

Will Travel For Vegan food

In September 2011 Kristin Lajeunesse left traditional comforts behind as she sold or donated her belongings, purchased and renovated a sports van, and secured funding via a Kickstarer.com campaign—all in an effort to eat at and write about every single vegan restaurant in the United States. Now, more than 35,000 miles, 500+ restaurants, and 48 states later Kristin has successfully completed her mission.

To close out what has become an epic, life-changing journey Kristin is hosting an end-of-trip celebration on the evening of Thursday, August 22nd in Manhattan. This volunteer-run event aims to raise donations for Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary (WFAS)—a refuge that is home to Dylan, a veal calf rescued by Kristin’s parents, and brought to WFAS, in 2005.

Check out Kristin’s travel website and blog, here.

About Kristin

Throughout the past eighteen months Kristin has appeared on numerous blogs, radio shows, podcasts, TV shows and in print media, including features in Marco Polo Magazine, American Lifestyle Magazine, The Vegan Culinary Experience Magazine, Poppy Tooker’s Louisiana Eats radio show, VegNews Magazine Online, Vegan World Radio, i Know Jax Girls Gone Green TV show, as well as a variety of popular YouTube channels including Jonathan Mann’s Song a day Mann, Honey LaBronx The Vegan Drag Queen, and The Vegan Zombie.


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In addition, with an ever growing online community via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter Will Travel For Vegan Food has become recognizable throughout the entire country. Most recently Kristin was interviewed on The Lisa Oz Show about her travels, airing this summer, and was also signed by Vegan Publishers, to write a memoir about the trip, due out next spring.

Visit Kristin’s press page, here.